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Boiler Restoration.

Having worked in the industry for over 40 years, Mark has been lucky to have the wonderful opportunity to work with various manufacturers on the Research & Development of products as well as on the maintenance side. He has enjoyed working in the field being heavily involved in development and longevity.

This has given him an outlook were environmentally it makes sense to restore and maintain a perfectly good appliance and keep it running as economically as possible. He has, what some would say is an “amazing passion for boilers” along with heating systems.

A more established boiler, with a good energy management system, being well maintained and run in a sensible manner can be as sufficient as a modern boiler. A lot of ignorance and naivete seems to go with new boilers , where they are just installed, expected to run on an existing heating system to an existing lifestyle. This can leave the boiler running inefficiently thus rendering the new boiler as efficient as a 10 year old unit.

Mark has much respect for the older generation and their wellbeing, his passion for well-established boilers, burners and heating systems with an attention for detail and love of satisfaction for achieving, sometimes the impossible, he enjoys the job satisfaction in restoring and maintaining Old Faithful.

“I see this more as a Steam Engine hobby” than a job. He has worked on Oil, Gas and Solid fuel boilers since the late seventies, good old fashion units put a glint in his eye, passionate about Robin Hoods, Archie Kidd, Beeston and Hamworthy Boilers. The manufacturers of the early condensing and high efficiency units such as Glowtech and Keston, Coopra, Daalderop, Intergas are pioneers of high efficiency boilers, in the early days they were brought into this country through an importer called ATMOS.

A well maintained Senior unit with a modern energy efficient control system will be just as economical as a poorly maintained, left to run on a basic time clock/room thermostat controlled condensing boiler.

Specialising in older models of boilers, we have a comprehensive stores of spares and parts for most of the boilers we cherish and lovingly care for.

We are happy to offer our Care Plan Cover for some of our customers cherished units, who respect the service offered and delivered.

Mark is willing to travel anywhere to follow his passion and has worked in France, Orkney, Ireland and Europe as well as all over the UK, restoring, repairing and maintaining cherished boilers.

Millside Care Plans

With a Millside Care Plan, we will service your boiler once a year, and in return for this agreement, we pledge to give you:

• Priority call out
• We will respond to your call within 24 hours
• Loyalty discount
• No call-out fee
• No invoice
• Monthly or annual direct debit

We will give you peace of mind, friendly custom, a smile, and a Service Scheme number with our contact details so you can call anytime, whenever you need.

Genuine 23 hour Callout Service™

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