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Domestic Services.

Fitting the most up-to-date in heating technology and always offering you value for money, Millside would not claim to be raging environmentalists, but we firmly believe in the preservation of the environment and totally endorse and support the use of new energy sources.

We believe and tell everyone that they will get far better return on their investment by spending money on the controlling of heating systems and we install our systems with this benefit in mind. An average boiler well-managed can be as energy efficient as a new condensing unit if controlled correctly; just as a condensing boiler not controlled will be as inefficient as an old boiler.

Gas Boiler Systems

Millside have only supported the idea of fitting gas condensing systems and have been doing this since the beginning. Now they are the norm and used as a benchmark of the heating industry. We are currently enjoying working with manufacturers and always looking forward to being more involved with manufacturers in developing fuel efficient domestic systems and expect this to be the same in the future as systems strive to become more and more efficient.

Our philosophy: We won’t just fit a boiler as a replacement – we will design packages that can adapt your system in a cost-effective way to gain the full benefit of having a condensing boiler system.

Oil Boiler Systems

Millside have been fitting condensing oil boilers for many years. Again we look to design your system to get the optimum and cost effective return for your money, which results in less fuel, more heat, and greater comfort levels.

Solar and Renewable Combination Systems

There are currently 2 types of solar systems: drain-back and high pressure seal systems. Costs can vary quite considerably but we believe that simple has always been – and always will be – the best solution. There is a lot of debate in the industry about flat plate solar panel collectors versus evacuated tubes and their efficiencies. Evacuated tubes are more efficient and give slightly more solar gain, but how do you you measure efficiency on a fuel that is FREE? A solar panel collector requires less maintenance, with much less capital outlay and thus, pound for pound, is just as effective.

We can fit a thermal store, drain back system with a flat plate collector/solar panel, which can feed a combination boiler, atmospheric cylinder (tank-fed cylinder) or pressurised cylinder.

Millside also fit high pressure sealed systems, which can be connected to twin, triple and even quad coiled cylinders (atmospheric or pressurised) and, if appropriate, we can offer a very cost effective solar panel with photovoltaic panel to run the small pump which can connect to your existing atmospheric cylinder and tank, removing the need to replace your existing equipment. These are probably the most cost effective energy saving systems in use. Multi coiled cylinders are generally installed to facilitate the installation of solid fuel, heat pump, and solar installations in one application.

For information on heat pumps and other renewable systems, please see our renewables page.

Full Service and Repair

By Service and repair we mean servicing, repair and performance testing. We offer full performance history (where manufacturers and appliance software facilitates this). We currently have a track record of 95% first visit repair. All our customers enjoy a full service history from our database which records serial number right through to the last visit. This has proved to be very useful in the event of a manufacturer’s warranty dispute.

Millside Care Plans

With a Millside Care Plan, we will service your boiler once a year, and in return for this agreement, we pledge to give you:

• Priority call out
• We will respond to your call within 24 hours
• Loyalty discount
• No call-out fee
• No invoice
• Monthly or annual direct debit

We will give you peace of mind, friendly custom, a smile, and a Service Scheme number with our contact details so you can call anytime, whenever you need.

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