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Renewable Services.

Millside Heating Services is a long established mechanical engineering company based in the North of England. We are involved in all aspects of a building’s heating, cooling and hot water systems, from the design to the installation and the maintenance and service. We are leaders in energy efficient systems and renewables.

We work on behalf of a number of manufacturers as commissioning agents and we act as consultants to one manufacturer for heat pumps and another for solar thermal systems.


Millside are experienced designers and installers of solar thermal systems. Having installed our first system in 2001, we adapt our systems to give each customer the most economical and efficient system possible for their requirements. It is important to understand the value of solar thermal, but also the limitations. All solar systems require some form of backup heat source. This also must be as efficient as possible. In commercial work this is almost always done with gas heating but it is common in domestic work to use electric immersion heating as the backup. This eats into the savings of the solar and increases the payback time and Carbon emissions. Electric heating should only be used if there is no gas available. All of our systems will utilise the most efficient backup heat source available. All of our systems are designed to be as efficient as possible year round while always ensuring there is no sacrifice of supply for the user. Using Millside Heating Services for a solar installation ensures that the installation is carried out accurately and professionally by experienced installers. Solar thermal systems are long proven as a great renewable source of energy when installed correctly, but incorrect installation could lead to problems. Millside Heating Services makes certain that the solar system is installed in a safe and proper manner as you would expect.

We offer flat plate and evacuated tube solar collectors and we use either solar cylinders or thermal stores. Each of these are good systems and the one for you will be tailored to your requirements.

Biomass Systems

Millside offer MCS and Green Deal accredited installations offering bespoke solutions for all types of properties: Retro-fitted to integrate into your existing internal heating and plumbing structure or for new-builds.

Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps

In areas where natural gas is not available or where special requests such as summer cooling or pond/pool heating are made a heat pump is often used. Millside use air source heat pumps for applications where low grade heating can be used in isolation or when a high grade heat back up is available. These are situations such as comfort cooling and partial heating applications, pool heating, and efficient water heating. Standard air source heat pumps will not effectively raise water to 55°C when it is less then 5°C outside; high temperature units will, but the coefficient of performance drops off to around 1:1. As domestic hot water should be stored at 60°C an air source heat pump alone is not often used to heat water in the UK. This factor also limits its central heating applications without a back up source to well insulated, new builds. For applications requiring high temperatures in cold weather a ground source heat pump can be used. As the ground temperature stays fairly constant regardless of outdoor air temperature the heat pump can continue to produce high temperature water.

Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric power is even more exciting than wind power to those that have a constantly flowing water source on their property. The Feed-In Tariffs will pay these customers for every kWh produced and if the water source is constant the payments will be as well. A current domestic project we are looking at has an estimated 3 year payback time.

PV Solar

Photovoltaic solar electricity production is set to finally become a renewable technology with an interesting payback period due to the upcoming Feed-In Tariffs.

PV is likely to be the only renewable that earns maximum payout from FITs. PV solar has long been a proven technology with a poor payback period, but that is due to change. The government figures show that on a PV installation with FITs the system will pay back the outlay costs and provide an approximately 8% interest for 25 years.

Rainwater collection

Millside Heating Services can supply and install rainwater collection systems to supply grey water to suitable fixtures such as toilets. Currently for the payback period to be interesting a building must use a lot of water but in these situations it is more than worthwhile. Millside Heating Services is always available to discuss any renewable energy that you are interested in.

We can visit your premises and carry out an energy survey to advise how you can save energy with more efficient traditional technologies or renewable technology.

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